The Honey Connoisseur

publishing / print

Like wine, cheese, coffee, and chocolate, honey has emerged as an artisanal obsession. Beekeeper and founder of Red Bee Honey, Carla Marchese, and beekeeper and Bee Culture magazine editor, Kim Flottum came to us through their publisher with this sweet assignment. They wanted to create a book to teach consumers everything they need to know about how to taste, select, and use a diverse selection of honey. Our challenge was to present a wide variety of technical, botanical, and culinary information about honey in a way that was cohesive, accessible and richly illustrated.


Using the author’s organizational structure to inform our visual decisions, we sourced a variety of photography for parts of the book that focused on beekeeping and honey, commissioned botanical illustrations for the section on taste and terroir, and art directed original food photography for a chapter of honey recipes. The variety of visuals are held together by consistent typography and layouts that balance the photos and illustrations with clean negative space.


Upon its release, The Honey Connoisseur garnered great buzz with honey enthusiasts as well as the culinary community:

With the authors’ depth of knowledge, I cannot think of a better resource on honey. This book makes me want to bake with all the varieties. Finally, a honey bible!

– John Barricelli, author of The Seasonal Baker and The Sono Baking Company Cookbook