Mad Love Shoes


As a startup shoe company looking to brand their product, Mad Love Shoes approached us to brainstorm a “young, sassy, and upbeat” name and corresponding logo for their line of women’s beach lifestyle footwear. They envisioned shoe styles that take the wearer from a day at the beach to a casual night out.


After conceptualizing a lengthy list of possible names, we were thrilled when our first choice, “Mad Love,” was chosen and secured by the brand. We then developed a tattoo-inspired ambigram logo for the line (The logo reads identically when viewed right-reading or upside-down). This solution is both ageless and on-trend – the fun and utility of the logo’s legibility from multiple perspectives echoes the versatility of the day-to-night styling of the product.


Mad Love’s pre-launch buzz caught the attention of shoe guru Steve Madden, who is now a partner. Mad Love has since become a Target house brand, available in stores and online nationwide.